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Season 1, Episode 1

Students With Jobs, Aerospace: Reaching New Heights, Feature on Sofia Neverez

Segerstrom News Today: Season 1, Episode 1
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Producer: Alondra Cifuentes
Director: Joshua Vu
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“Students With Jobs”
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Director: Frank Cruz
Audio Engineer:  Rodrigo Rivera
Camera Engineer:  Brianna Aguilera
Video Editor:  Aaron Cruz
Reporter:  Emily Gonzalez
Scriptwriter:  Jonathan Sandoval


“Aerospace: Reaching New Heights”
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Producer:  Alondra Cifuentes
Director:   Joshua Vu
Audio Engineers:  Melanie Vargas, Daniel Ramirez-Garcia
Camera Engineers:  Celeste Carmona, Jacob Sandoval
Video Editor:  Bellasophia Padron
Reporter:  Joshua Vu
Photographer:  Jocelyn Alvarez-Garcia
Graphic Artist:  Natalie Sotelo


“Sofia Nevarez:  The Best of Segerstrom”

Director/Producer:  Joshua Vu
Camera Engineers: Alondra Cifuentes, Daniel Ramirez-Garcia
Photographer: Jocelyn Alvarez-Garcia



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SNT Host:  Hello, welcome to Segerstrom News Today! I’m your host Nicole Saldana. This program features stories about the Segerstrom community and is produced by students for students. Today, we have three fascinating stories that show the abilities and dedication of our Jaguars. With a majority of Segerstrom students focusing on school and extracurriculars, we are proud to have students who balance school and work. We are honored to present this first story as it focuses on students with jobs. Our Emily Gonzales reports.

Reporter voiceover:  Imagine being a student and on top of that having a job. Sometimes we don’t realize students don’t do good in school because they struggle managing both responsibilities in life. Nick Garcia, Senior, is one of those students who is balancing school, sports, and work. Most students would crumble under the pressure, but Nick seems to handle it all with determination.

Nick Garcia:  “It can be hard at times, but I find a way to do it.”

Reporter vocieover:  Having a job comes with a lot of responsibilities, and some would say a lot of downsides.

Isabella Novella:  “It kind of sucks socially I think but also mentally because you get really drained if you don’t plan it right. Or, if you get sick easily, you get mentally drained trying to figure out how you are going to call out or if you are going to go in that day.”

Reporter voiceover:  Despite all the cons of working while being a student in school, Jocelyn thinks there are many pros that come with it.

Jocelyn Alvarez: “I go to work because I get to pay for the things I want and I don’t have to rely on anyone else to buy me things.”

Reporter voiceover:  Here is some advice that Jocelyn gives to some students who are thinking about getting a job.

Jocelyn Alvarez:  “First, a student that has a hard time finishing their work on time or procrastinates a lot, it might be stressful for them. And, it really just depends on the job you have, and being able to manage what you do.

Reporter voiceover:  There are people at your work that you can make connections with. Isabella, a student that works, has connections at her work that hear her out a lot.

Isabella Novella:  “The benefit is you make connections with I think a lot because you are meeting people who are older than you. So, like for me, I meet people who are in college a lot at my work, so they give me a lot of advice, and sometimes, too, they will help me out if I like bring my school work to work. They will help me out with my homework, and it is really just like meeting those people.”

Reporter voiceover:  It is clear that students at Segerstrom work hard and are busy, but students with jobs, are even busier. However, they gain life lessons and connections from their jobs.

SNT Host:  That was a great video. I liked it described the reality of being a student worker.  Our next story focuses on the achievements of our school’s STEM program, most notably, Mr Woods’s Aerospace class. Last semester, they had a blast building and launching their very own rockets. It was an unforgettable experience for the students and even our reporters. We sent Alondra Cifuentes and Joshua Vu to document this exciting event.

Reporter voiceover:  For weeks, Mr .Woods’s Aerospace class has been working on their rockets, and finally, they were able to take off. Aerospace is one of the last courses in the engineering pathway. It has concepts from physics and aviation with some scientific principles.

Reporter:  Do you guys enjoy the creative process? Or, do you guys more like shooting them up and watching them go?

Student 1:  Personally, I like building. It’s just very hands. It’s a great experience. You can get a feel of what you are actually making.

Student 2:  Honestly, I think I like both but I like like seeing our creations come in real life.

Reporter voiceover:  The class focuses on understanding aeronautical vehicles and the occasional model recreation of said vehicles. This makes the class enjoyable for most students.

Reporter:  To you, what is aerospace?

Student 3:  Aerospace to me is like anything that has to do with rockets, and just like anything like I will like advanced like spacial like exploration toward the future and I think like a big part of this is like inspiring me to hopefully do aerospace in the future.

Reporter voiceover:  When the rocket was built they began with a simple test to see if the balance of their rocket was stabilized.

Student 4:  You have to make sure that when you do the swing test, you tie a little rope around the center of gravity of the rocket, and when you are swinging it, the rocket has to be nose first. So, the problem was my rocket was going backward, so it was engine first.

Reporter voiceover:  Then, it was off to the baseball fields where we launched their rockets. Students got to demonstrate their engineering skills. Following the launches, the students had two separate teams and used GAP guns. GAP guns are measuring tools that can measure the rocket’s altitude just from the ground.

Reporter:  So, what are your thoughts on what you are currently doing which seems to be measuring the height of the rockets.

Student 5:  Um, well, we are getting a lot of different measurements because obviously some are different than others. Some have been ranging way often their course, and some have been really good. So, it really depends on who rocket. My rocket was stable, and it reached an altitude of 39 degrees from where we are standing. But, it like, the highest we someone got was 68, I believe, so it is about the average.

Reporter voiceover:  It does take some time for them to calculate their data but right after recording their rocket’s maximum height, they move on to redesigning for their final flight. The readjustments allow the class to display their problem-solving skills and to have several days of great launches. Even with this project coming to a close, this project shows the bright students and the exhilarating work in aerospace.

Reporter:  What do you like about aerospace?

Student 1:  Ah, you make great connections, and you widen your career path by taking aerospace, also you get great opportunities, like the JPL Institute.

Reporter voiceover:  So, if you are interested in Aerospace’s rocket project, there is so much more to come.

SNT Host:  Wow I like seeing our students excited for such a fun project. The final story is about one of our very own staff writers, Sofia Nevarez, who has only joined us this year, but she has become an inspiration for everyone here at Segerstrom News. Recently, Sofia received national recognition for one of her wonderful articles. We had the honor to celebrate this monumental occasion during class last Tuesday. Congratulations, Sophia!

Reporter voiceover:  Segerstrom News has never had an award-winning journalist until now. That’s all thanks to Sofia Nevarez. For context, SNO is our publishing site. They host news organizations and awards for those organizations across the U.S. Sofia’s article was nominated and chosen to be one of the Best of SNO. Journalism advisor, Mrs. Conferti, hosted a small celebration for the momentous occasion along with the extraordinary work and perseverance. Us here at Segerstrom News just wanted to appreciate all of her dedication to being an exceptional journalist, student, and person.

SNT Host:  Congratulations, Sofia! This was very exciting news to hear for all of us. That’s all the time we have here at Segerstrom News Today. We hope you enjoyed all three of these stories as much as we enjoyed making them. Thank you for watching!




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