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Segerstrom News Today | Season 1 | Episode 4

Season 1, Episode 4

In this episode, Segerstrom News Today covers three stories:

  1. E-Sports Tournament Brings Jags Together
  2. Car Ownership Drives Our Jags
  3. Checking Off Senior Bucket Lists


Production Team:

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Producer: Alondra Cifuentes
Host: Emily Gonzales
Camera and Audio Engineer: Alondra Cifuentes
Scriptwriter: Joshua Vu
Soundtrack Music by: License code: CUF4XNIU2YLSI0UU


Photo and Video Credits:
Desiree Soto
Natalie Sotelo
Suzy Hazelwood via Pexels
Selena Qafaiti
Segerstrom Higher Ed via Instagram
Nichole Brown
Dev Vasu


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0:05 Hello! Welcome to the fourth episode of  Segerstrom News Today. I’m Emily Gonzales,  
0:09 your host. In this episode, we have three great stories to end the school year. Of course,  
0:13 we hope you enjoy this production FOR  students BY students. The stories we  
0:17 have today focus on E-Sports, Car  Culture, and Senior Bucket Lists.
0:21 The first story focuses on our E-Sports 12  class. It’s not just fun and games. There  
0:27 are great life skills seniors learn in Esports. Their Senior  
0:30 project focuses on hosting an entire gaming competition. Our Melanie Vargas reports.
0:48 On April 19th, E-Sports 12 classes held an E-Sports tournament in the library.  
0:52 In order to get ready for the event,  students spent many hours planning.
0:57 The E-Sports tournament marketing  committee was responsible for hanging  
1:00 up flyers all around campus to promote the festivities.
1:07 The library needed to be set up for the event and the tech committee took care of that.  
1:12 Sebastian Delgado, a senior and tech committee member, describes how the event was set up.
1:19 “Setting up the game. We also helped  to get the players to start up their  
1:25 game. And also if there was any problems  or confusion and helped some of that.”
1:35 E-Sports is a popular class that many students want to participate in. Elizabeth Velasquez,  
1:40 a senior, describes why she enrolled in the class.
1:43 “I don’t know. It really caught my eye. It  was like something that just stood out from  
1:48 every other class. So I was like, ‘Let  me take that one,’ because it really  
1:50 seems fun and it was like something you could learn new things. But, like yeah…”
1:58 This class is considered an English class.  But it has helped these seniors with their  
2:02 creative and social skills. Jamie Nava shares what he has gained from being in the class.
2:09 “It teaches things like, for example,  collaborating with your teams,  
2:13 talking to one another, and overall you  just get a good vibe from everyone.”
2:18 All Segerstrom students were invited to the event.  The E-Sports tournament marketing committee was  
2:22 responsible for hanging up flyers all around campus to promote the festivities. The event was a  
2:22 success and it was because of the dedication and skill of the E-Sports students.
2:29 It’s great to see something planned for all students to participate in.  
2:32 Our second story investigates what drives car culture. With some of  
2:36 our students getting the opportunity to  own a car, Segerstrom News asked several  
2:40 drivers to see their thoughts on car culture. Our Celeste Carmona reports.
2:54 Southern California is known  for its car culture and it’s  
2:57 no surprise that Segerstrom students like their cars, too.  
3:00 But, no one car represents Segerstrom. Students drive all types of vehicles. Rodrigo Rivera,  
3:05 a graduating senior, had the chance to drive to school his senior year because of his dad.
3:10 “My dad first got it back in August of last year, and I got it this year for Christmas. So,  
3:18 yeah, we just fixed it up and made it run good.
3:22 Rodrigo was lucky enough to be able to drive to school this year. Having a truck  
3:26 has allowed him to have a good time. Here,  he shares ways he has enjoyed having a car.
3:31 “Well, for me, I just like driving around. You know, also with my friends,  
3:41 going out with them. And also driving around with loud music, so yeah. It’s pretty fun.
3:49 Rodrigo knows how to make the most of car ownership. Carmen Magaña, a junior,  
3:54 enjoys having a car. But, she also knows  owning a car is not just “fun and games.”  
3:59 Carmen knows that in order for a car to be reliable and run, it needs to be maintained.
4:05 “I own a 2007 Toyota Camry and I just got it so  I haven’t had to do any oil changes or anything  
4:14 so far like the brakes. But, I have an uncle  who he told me to he taught me how to change  
4:20 my oil at least. And he’ll help me to change my brakes once the life of the brakes is done. The  
4:27 oil changes is every 3,000 miles for my car. Well,  it’s recommended, so that’s what I’m going to do.
4:35 Carmen knows her responsibilities as a car owner. But, sometimes our cars  
4:39 don’t always behave the way we want them to.  Brianna Perez, a senior, knows first-hand.  
4:43 Hear her tell the story of how she used her problem-solving skills to get her truck going.
4:49 “So it was one day. It was this year where it wouldn’t turn on. Yeah, yeah… So I was thinking.  
4:57 I was like, ‘Oh, man,’ It was literally…I swear. I  was like, ‘What would my brothers do?’ Right? And,  
5:07 so the first thing I did was open the hood.  Okay, perfect, we’ll open the hood. And, then,  
5:13 I was like, okay, what was next. ‘Why isn’t the  car turning on?’ It’s probably a disconnection  
5:17 between the battery, so I’m going to go with that.  And I did it and then I was like playing around  
5:23 with the wires because they are loose anyways.  I was playing with the wires and so I was like,  
5:26 ‘Maybe that will do…” So, I went and go turn it on and it turned on all the way. So, I closed  
5:31 it. And, then I turned my head. I was facing this way. And, I swear, it made my day. I saw  
5:40 all the baseball cars, all the baseball guys in  their little cars just staring at me like, ‘This  
5:47 chick turned on her car?’ Do you get me? You know that feeling? It was so dope. That’s it, yeah.”
5:54 It sounds like Brianna wasn’t the only one impressed by her problem-solving skills.  
5:58 Sometimes owning a car requires being able to think on the spot.
6:02 Owning a car can be fun because it gives us the  freedom to get out of the house, yet Rodrigo,  
6:06 Carmen, and Brianna show us that having a car means much more than just owning it.
6:12 It’s super interesting to see how students use and take care of their cars. The last story  
6:17 focuses on our Segerstrom Seniors. Before  they are off to college, many seniors have  
6:21 planned a variety of fun activities with their friends. We wanted to see  
6:24 what some seniors have on their bucket list. Our Brianna Aguilera has that.
6:37 With the school year winding down. Segerstrom  Seniors are planning fun activities before they  
6:41 leave for college. Many create a senior  bucket list to have fond memories of high  
6:45 school and create unforgettable experiences that can be remembered for years. Ms.Qafaiti  
6:50 attended many of her senior events and has fond memories of that time.
6:55 “I think it made senior year more special.  I got to hang out with all my friends.  
6:59 And to create those memories that honestly,  
7:01 even graduating twelve years later, we still talk about it. So I’m very glad I did them.”
7:08 However, some people don’t make bucket lists for their senior year. So they may not have the  
7:12 fondest memories after high school and they might have regrets. Ms. Peck shares how she  
7:16 has regrets about not making her senior year as memorable as it could have been.
7:20 “I don’t have the memories and I still  have some friends that I went to high  
7:24 school with and when they talk about the  memories I feel kinda aww I didn’t go.”
7:29 To advise the senior class, Segerstrom  News interviewed several students to  
7:32 see what’s on their senior bucket lists. As said by Gabriella Encinas,  
7:35 spending time eating and shopping with friends are some great things to do.
7:39 “I think they should go on shopping dates. My girls and I always go  
7:41 on shopping dates and we go eat to  Boiling Crab and it’s so much fun.”
7:45 And Jazmin Flores shares more locations that are on her bucket list.
7:48 “I want to go to Disneyland, go to the beach…”
7:54 Just like Jazmin Flores, many seniors are  making plans to go to popular locations like  
7:58 Disneyland and the Beach. Our last senior,  Dev Vasu reveals his impressive bucket list.
8:04 “So something so far I’ve done on my senior bucket list is like do a late-night beach bonfire. I had  
8:11 a really good time doing that and I had some really bad karaoke. I’ve done a solo trip to  
8:17 New York by myself. I enjoyed that a lot and  I think that it helped me learn and grow as  
8:24 a person. And then finally, recently I have been  working towards getting my private pilot license.”
8:33 These are just a few things Segerstrom seniors have on their bucket list. This  
8:36 is just one way to create memorable moments that will last forever. These  
8:40 moments usually become something that many can reminisce on later in life.  
8:44 And these seniors have some advice for those planning their very own bucket list.
8:50 “Try something new. I feel like life’s too  short to endlessly do the same things…”
8:58 It’s nice to see all the things seniors have done to make their last year memorable. That  
9:02 is all the time we have for this episode. We appreciate your time  
9:05 and we hope you enjoyed this season of  Segerstrom News Today. Interested in more  
9:09 stories like these? Come visit our website at Thank you for watching,  
9:14 and we hope you have a great rest of your day! I’m Emily Gonzales, signing off.

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