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Poetry Contest 2020-21

Segerstrom High School 5th Annual Poetry Contest Results 2021

Winning Poems

1st Place and Segerstrom’s 2021 Poet Laureate

“Benefit of the Doubt”

by Enii Gonzalez, 11th Grade

In the future
She whispered under the moonlight
Will there ever be anyone to hold my hand firmly?
Someone to mend my invisible wounds
Unthreatened by the scars my acidic tears have left behind
And embrace away all traces of unhappiness
Or rescue the crumbling child
Who came to accept the broken promises?
Out of respect for missed signs of affection
Resulting in nothing more than fear of rejection
Because she would much rather die than face reality
With each moment brewing away at her sanity
She looks up at the sky where the dawn kisses the horizon
And hears the playful wind calling out her name
Dear darling of mine, every bit of you is loud and clear
Although you may feel tempted to strike a match against your skin
I promise somewhere out there those people exist
Although they may seem out of grasp
You will find them in the early morning time


2nd Place

“The Bright Side of the Storm”

by Kimberly Carbajal

In the future
Everyone always looks back
Wishing they could change the past
I understand the heartbreak
The desperateness of craving someone so close yet so far from reach
The rivers flowing endlessly from your eyes
The ache your heart feels at night when you’re left alone with your thoughts of them
The pit in your stomach from seeing their touch on someone else
When you realized you weren’t the only one
But you’re a flower, darling
You needed that storm of rain to grow
And you grew, didn’t you?
You grew out of the dirt and felt the warmth of the sun surrounding you
You found the light at the end of the tunnel
Everything is okay now
But that does not mean the rain will stop
The rain will always come
But that is only so you grow
For the future


3rd Place


by Mariana Garcia

In the future I am smiling and free
Pursuing the career of my dreams
Learning how to love myself and becoming who I want to be
Not just happiness within me, but seeing the world spread more love and positivity
I want to see less hate between the races
Finally going out with no masks and seeing full faces
I look forward to being at peace, with no constant pressure from society
I want to wake up with no news of injustice against a minority
We need more humanity
Or else our world will be full of insanity
I hope the future learns how to care
So that we can all share an earth full of prosperity

Honorable Mention

“Future Me”

by Kayla Bustamante

In the future, I see me
I want to remind you that
Anything is possible
If you put your mind to it.
Live your life to the fullest
Embrace every opportunity
That is given
Don’t stop and wait
So you won’t regret
Not taking a chance. Some things
come and go so don’t wait till
you’re ready to go. Chase after your
dreams and passions future me
Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
When you die I want people to
see an inheritance left behind.
All I really ask of you is to be
The best person you can be,
So start by listening
And take my recommendation.

Honorable Mention


by Alberto Ramirez

In the future, directions will lead to endless possibilities.
Ultimately cultivating hopes, fears, and uncertainties.

Scrolling through the internet, she walked alone in an alley,
Or so she thought, she’s distracted by her brain-machine interface.
Without a trace, the opportunist secuestrador intended, but she noticed
Way too late, and as she woke from her digital dream,
She opens her mouth to let out a deafening….

There are no more trees, no this isn’t a gimmick.
And while there’s still water, it’s just too acidic.
Humanity is like a breeze, we erode the earth then we leave,
To the stars we squatter, in search for planets to th….

“What is today if not yesterday’s tomorrow.
With that in mind, I believe my team and I have ended all your sorrows.
Step right up, a time machine, allow us to demonstrate the scoop.
Just don’t push those buttons- wait, No! Don’t or else our group will be stuck in a l—!”
“What is today if not yesterday’s tomorrow?”

Our advancement is barely a launchpad, yet as you can see,
Crime, greed, death, and stupidity, they sure do persist.
But even then it’s not all bad, virtue exists.
In the future, you’ve got to look right, among the mist.


The contest is now closed.

Segerstrom’s 5th Annual Poetry Contest!

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Segerstrom’s 5th Annual Poetry Contest.  Below, you can read the flyer, review the rules and directions, and submit your poem when it is complete.

If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Conferti at [email protected].



  1. One (1) poem will be selected and the author will be named Poet Laureate.
  2. Additionally, there will be 2nd and 3rd place winners (Runners-up).
  3.  See below to view the prizes you can win if your poem is selected.



Celebrate National Poetry Month with Mrs. Conferti!

Get to know Segerstrom’s Poet Laureate, Michelle Phan, and learn about this year’s poetry contest!

5th Annual Poetry Contest Video — Watch Video