Is the US on a road to collapsing?


(Image courtesy of CNBC)

People stormed the US Capitol building on January 6, 2021.

As we look back at the events of the past few years, we realize that the USA has become a place we no longer recognize. For some, it has completely lost all of its core values of democracy and since 2016,  America has become the most polarized nation many have ever seen. 

During the 2020 election, we saw the nation divided like never before. For some, that election put their right to have autonomy over their bodies at stake and for others their rights of being able to protect themselves would be infringed. In this divided America, we have seen the once together nation become divided into two sides with both sides believing extreme ideas. These extreme beliefs that consistently plague both sides are starting to create cracks in the once thought of as the most powerful nation. 

For many years now, political scientists have believed the collapse of the USA is imminent and it is coming very soon. Some predict that the United States may become a right-wing dictatorship by the year 2030.For many years now, America has faced a plethora of issues like extreme wealth inequality, debt, economic instability and unexpectedly, mass hysteria. 

Even with all of these issues we are facing, the most distressing one of all is individualism. In a country where oneself is the most important, we have lost sight of all of the real issues and responsibilities we have to be active members for the betterment of  society. Many now believe that they should not do anything to help another and that one should only focus on themselves, but this cardinal American view could potentially lead to the complete destruction and collapse of a nation like the United States. 

We can only hope that in the upcoming years America becomes a place that is less polarized and more united because ultimately our individualism can lead us to completely collapse. Throughout history, we have seen most great empires last 250 years and America is trailing behind. Will this nation be able to outlive its predecessors? Will we allow our individualism to be so vital that we forget that a nation can not function without unity?