Ryan Reynolds publicizes “Hugh” announcement about Deadpool 3

A group of YouTubers known as The Reel Rejects, react to the new Deadpool announcements by Ryan Reynolds.

Image courtesy of The Reel Rejects

A group of YouTubers known as The Reel Rejects, react to the new Deadpool announcements by Ryan Reynolds.

Luis Gutierrez, Staff Writer

On September 27, 2022, Ryan Reynold released a short video announcing news about his upcoming sequel film, Deadpool 3. Shawn Levy, who has directed Stranger Things, Free Guy, and Night at the Museum, will direct the film. This will be the third installment of the series.

The movie tells the story of the comedic deadly mercenary known as Deadpool or Wade Wilson. In the announcement video, Reynolds confirmed a fellow well-known superhero would be joining the cast. Hugh Jackman will reprise his iconic role as the Wolverine one last time. 

Jackman first took on the role of the Wolverine 22 years ago in the 2000’s X-Men film and has played the mutant with claws for 17 years. His latest film playing the character was Logan in 2017. It was stated by Jackman that Logan would be his final film playing the character and it was an amazing end to a story of a beloved character among the fans of Marvel. But it seems only one man was able to convince him to come back to the role, and that was Ryan Reynolds himself. Many fans have been wanting to see the duo create a masterpiece with Reynolds’s comedic personality and Jackman’s vivacious tone, and now it’s finally coming true.  

Deadpool 3 will release on September 6, 2024, and fans cannot wait to see what they have in store this time. What makes the third movie different from the first two Deadpool movies is that it’s set in a different universe than what it was originally based on. The movie would be an introduction to the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the gloomy but charming Deadpool.  

The MCU is based on the Marvel comics in which Deadpool, Wolverine, and many other superheroes are involved. The rights to the X-Men characters including Deadpool were owned by 20th Century Fox until Disney purchased Fox in 2019. Disney also owns Marvel which means the MCU franchise can now officially include X-Men characters in their films. We have yet to see any introductions, but with the confirmation of Jackman’s reprise, there is much more hope that many more will come along as well.