7th Annual Poetry Contest


The contest closed on Saturday, 4/15/23 at 11:59 p.m.

Thank you to all students who entered this year’s contest! We set a record for entries with 38 poems submitted to the contest! Wow!

This was a unique year. Instead of three (3) winners, we chose six (6) winners! We separated the winners into these two categories. Congratulations to all the winners. You represent Segerstrom well!


Category 1:  Poems Reflecting on Imagination and Creativity

1st Place

"Imagination Takes Flight" by Ryan Bergmann (9th)

In every human heart, a spark of fire
Ignites drive to create and inspire
Through this brilliant flame, we better the world
Our imaginations, like wings, unfurled

For creativity is a boundless sea,
Its depths and current, ever-changing, free,
Where inspiration flows abundantly,
And daring dreams take flight, unfettered, bold.

From the poet's ink pen to the painter's brush,
We seek to create, to express, to hush.
The noise of the world, the chaos, and din,
And reveal the wonders that lie within.

It is, therefore, within their works we see
Our inmost truths and our humanity
Each brushstroke, each word, windows to the soul
An insightful glimpse at what makes us whole

And yet, creativity is not just found,
In works of artists, writers, and profound,
But in the problem-solver, just as much,
One who dares to think outside the clutch.

With every invention, every famed feat,
A vision one dared to make concrete.

2nd Place

"Imagination's Grace" by Kenny Vang (11th)

Imagination, boundless and bright,
A realm where dreams take wondrous flight.
A canvas blank, a world of art,
Where creativity sets hearts apart.

Colors bold, words unrestrained.
Inventing worlds, a realm unchained. 
With metaphors and rhymes entwined,
A masterpiece, a treasure to find.

Imagination, a muse so true,
Ignites our souls with passions anew. 
A force that captivates and inspires, 
Fuels our minds with creative fires.

An escape from norms, a shelter from the storm, 
Where words create, and stories take form.
Unleashing visions, breaking free, 
From limits that no longer decree.

Imagination, a boundless sea,
Where worlds are shaped, and hearts run free. 
A symphony of words, a dance divine.
A realm where creativity shines.

So let us honor and embrace,
The power of imagination's grace.
For in its depths, we find our voice.
A timeless muse that makes our hearts rejoice.

3rd Place

"Limited By Only Your Mind" by Sophia Mejia (10th)

Imagination's flame burns bright,
A spark that ignites the mind,
With every thought, a brilliant light,
A whole new world to find.

Creativity flows like a stream,
Through the valleys of the mind,
A never-ending, endless dream,
A world that's undefined.

In this world of boundless space,
Anything can come to be,
A masterpiece of time and place,
A vision that's set free.

Through the darkest night of doubt,
And the thickest clouds of fear,
Imagination will shine out,
And creativity will appear.

So let your mind run wild and free,
Let your thoughts take flight,
For in this realm of fantasy,
You'll find the greatest might.

Category 2:  Poems Embodying Imagination and Creativity

1st Place

"Childhood" by Jillian Nguyen (11th)

A bed is a boat
The floor is fire
Endless scenarios and toys they lay
To keep a child contented and cheerful all day

Going anywhere you want to go
Being anyone you want to be

When times get hard
Leave your heart unscarred 
Go away from this place
And everything will erase

Hop on the bed
Hide in the shed
Live in your youth 
Live in your truth

2nd Place

"The Other Side" by Sidney Martinez (10th)

As the hanging sheets dance in the wind outside my window
I can see a sky full of color
and clouds full of light,
The smell of freshly cut grass lingers on this joyous day,
I see a creature flying in the air,
Chase it!
I run out the window to see a pack of spirits
Speaking in tongues I go near it,
I am not one
But I see those spirits.
Eachother different from another
One is blue, brighter than my shoes,
The other is gray, like a rainy day,
The next is pink, like my rosey cheeks,
The other is yellow, like the flowers from the meadow,
The next is green, that shines with gleam,
The wind sputters
My sheets flutter.
Wake up!

3rd Place

"You Both and I" by Andrea Osuna (11th)

On this land, you both and I
Us three, eloped with the sky
We stare mesmerized with above
laying on the beachy sand,
We are so platonically in love.

We point out the shapes
The colors and sizes
The laughter never breaks
The silence never arises

I love us, you both and I-

You two make me want to try,
Try at a life that is never blue
And that, my beloved friends, 
I can blame on solely you two

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