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NFL Draft 2024

Caleb Williams (left) celebrates being the first pick of the 2024 NFL Draft next to Roger Goodell, commissioner of the NFL (right).
Image courtesy of Caleb Williams via Instagram
Caleb Williams (left) celebrates being the first pick of the 2024 NFL Draft next to Roger Goodell, commissioner of the NFL (right).

The NFL draft consists of all 32 teams picking football prospects throughout seven rounds. These prospects are college athletes that are ready to play at the next level which is the National Football League. This year, the NFL draft was hosted in Detroit, Michigan with over 150,000 fans excitedly waiting for their team’s new players. Teams have the option to select players based on what they need for their current team to be better. If a team doesn’t have a quarterback that will help the franchise be better they will most likely draft one. Teams that are also defensive-minded will most likely draft defensive players that will fit into their team. Each team is given one pick based on last season’s standings and can trade with other teams for better picks. 

Caleb Williams, a quarterback from USC was the first player to be drafted this year by the Chicago Bears. The Bears were in dire need of a quarterback after their poor performance last season and decided to choose the best quarterback available. Caleb Williams won the Heisman Trophy in 2022 which awards the best college player in college football for that season. 

“We all knew Williams would be the number one pick in the draft this year”, said Peter Khu (12). 

 As the Atlanta Falcons had the number eight pick in the draft they chose Michael Penix Jr, a quarterback from the University of Washington. This was a very controversial pick in the draft, as the Falcons just brought in Kirk Cousins on a 4-year-180 million dollar contract. Most football fans expected the Falcons to draft defensive-minded players to strengthen that part of their team, but they chose to have a quarterback. Fans continued needing clarification as to why the Falcons made such a choice. 

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“I was surprised with how the Falcons decided to go for Penix in the draft even after signing a high-level quarterback,” said Eric Hong (12). 

This concludes the 2024 NFL draft, so fans will have to wait until September for the season to begin to see the new players play after being drafted. The picks made this year have shocked fans everywhere and it will be exciting to see their chemistry with the team they were drafted with.

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