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New school year, new parking policies

Image courtesy by Joshua Vu
Segerstrom’s new parking policy has received backlash from both students and staff.

The new parking procedure that was recently put into effect has sparked discourse among Segerstrom students. There is both considerable confusion and frustration after its implementation. But as the grace period wanes, a hefty parking ticket is on the horizon.

The California Vehicle Code (CVC) Section 21113a, verifies the lawful usage of tickets in parking facilities and public schools. Although Segerstrom parking was free last year, they do have the option to have designated parking for students with a $40 charge. Recently, the parking lot near Alton Gate has been repainted. This was due to the efforts of our custodial staff, specifically German Ruvalcaba and engineering teacher Adam Woods, who provided stencils for painting. We now have one hundred parking spots that have been labeled for permitted students. This year’s system provides more accountability with a more in-depth process, especially when applying.

“The parking permits [are] outside of our ASB window. You can pick up the form there. And then you take the form home,” ASB Bookkeeper, Tasha Correa states. “Put in your car information, [your] type of car, your license plate, and your driver’s license number. Read all the rules. You and your parents must sign and confirm that you read the rules. Then you print out a copy of your driver’s license, a copy of your insurance, and the car registration. It all has to be valid and up to date. And then you come to the window, pick your spot, and pay the $40.”

Many students have questions regarding the price. Segerstrom’s bookkeeper Mrs. Correa supports this change at a reasonable price compared to other schools. Across the SAUSD and LAUSD districts, the prices have ranged from $40 – $240 annually. There are some cases with a more costly approach, with 20¢ – $1 hourly parking meters. The moderate price will go to funding Segerstrom in a variety of ways. The upfront price here does deter students and creates dismay among others.

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“I believe we shouldn’t be charged to park at school. Because [it] may be the only way to transport to school,” remarked Sebastian Orozco (12). “We may not have the right financial situation to pay for parking. As long as you have your license, insurance, and everything you need, it should be free. I mean it is a public school.”

A majority of students have different financial situations, from the cost of teenage insurance to the lack of a steady income. The source of the issue comes down to the price.

To most of the student population, it seems to be a costly upfront price, but other students have accepted the benefits of the new system.

“For the most part, I like how the parking [spots] are reserved. And how the students get their own numbers,” commented Brianna Marie Perez (12), “I also liked how each student can pick their own numbers. The only downside is paying $40.”

Some students do appreciate the change, as anyone who has paid is permanently guaranteed a parking spot for the year. The reassurance comes from those who enforce the tickets, our District Safety Officers (DSOs). Even they have a stance towards the changing policy.

“As far as the price, if I may be blunt, I wish it would be free. I know a lot of people struggle,” Segerstrom DSO Carlos Quezada stated. “ As long as you have the right paperwork, as far as your license and your insurance. I feel like the parking permit should be free.”

Mr. Quezada does agree with a reduced price, as the ticket alone is $48. The new policy greatly increases our DSO’s workload. In previous years, there have been uninsured accidents among students that have even affected the teachers.

However, Segerstrom Administrator Ivori Tenelle prioritizes the validity of licensed and insured drivers. The rationale behind the ticket price from the Administration is based on specific research on other districts and the efforts of maintenance from Mr. Ruvalcaba and Mr. Woods. Mrs. Tennelle does respond that the change was reverting policies to before the standards presented by COVID-19. As many support the benefits of having the policy, they do critique the price. Nevertheless, as the policy is in effect, it will remain for the rest of the year.

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  • I

    IsabellaDec 21, 2023 at 8:54 am

    It is good that they are making sure the parking lot is as organized as possible!

  • J

    Jacob SandovalDec 20, 2023 at 11:25 am

    Thank you Joshua for writing this article that helped advise us seniors on the new parking policies. I liked Tasha Correa’s quote where she broke down what to do after the new policies take place.

  • F

    FernieDec 20, 2023 at 11:24 am

    Wow! I will remember this when I can drive!