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2024 ASB cabinet election highlights

Image courtesy of @sfhsjaguars via Instagram)
ASB held its annual school-wide election across Segerstrom with the spotlight on the Cabinet Officers.

After a fierce competition, the ASB elections have come to a close. Segerstrom saw an abundance of strong applicants and intense campaigns. Around twenty-six candidates applied but only twelve will be ASB Class Officers next year. As of recently, these results have been released to the student body.

The primary focus of the election was the race for the ASB presidency between Lillany Marquez (11) and Terrance Ross (11). Beginning their Sophomore year, Marquez and Ross worked together as Co-Presidents.  This unique position replaced the role of a Vice President and President. However, due to the responsibilities of the ASB Cabinet, they could not continue as co-presidents. As a result, they both ran against each other and ended with Marquez winning the presidency.

“I feel really excited to come into this new position in the next stage of high school. I plan to bring big ideas [to] an amazing team. I can’t wait to also meet so many new people in ASB,” Marquez commented. “I’m really thankful for the people that had voted for me because of the amount of support that will benefit bringing this school into a better environment.” 

The candidates for the ASB Vice-President had Club Commissioner Ariel Magallon (11) compete with Junior Secretary Isaiah Martinez (11). Throughout their years in ASB, they had very different roles but were both leaders who took initiative. Leadership is an important quality found in ASB along with the role of Vice President. Besides assisting the ASB President, they cooperate with the ASB Senate at school events and delegate tasks. It is a delicate position that primarily works behind the scenes. The student body voted Martinez as the next ASB Vice President.

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“I am so… thrilled I won [the] vice presidency. I am excited to work with Garcia and my fellow cabinet members,” Martinez responded. “I plan on listening to everyone’s ideas regarding ASB and being a part of the voice [for] our student body.”

The third cabinet position would be contested by Club Commissioner Trina Dang (11) and Athletic Commissioner Lana Quach (11). Although they are newer to ASB compared to most candidates, they are well-suited because of their current positions since the role of the Secretary is similar to their current positions. With that in mind, both candidates would succeed in earning the Secretary position.

“It’s a great opportunity to be in a position where I can listen to what my peers have to say and be one of the many voices representing our student body,” Quach stated. “As someone with only one year of experience, I’ll adapt by collaborating with my other cabinet members and putting in the effort to undertake the responsibilities of being in this role.”

After the election, the previously mentioned students only make up three official positions, but the cabinet requires four members to operate. As a result, they conducted a meeting guided by Activities Director Cesar Garcia to resolve this issue. They would reevaluate the popular vote of each of the candidates to elect the fourth member. After reviewing the election results, they found that Dang had the greatest popular vote besides the new cabinet members and ultimately decided to assign her the Treasurer position.

“It did come as a surprise to me because when Mr. Garcia asked to meet with me, I didn’t think it was about the elections,” Dang replied. “I feel ecstatic to become the next Treasurer because it’ll allow me to work with the other elected cabinet members. I’m excited for the new year to come and how it will play out!”

Unfortunately, the ASB Cabinet will not have a Historian position next year. Due to the absence of applicants, the Historian role has been absolved. With four positions fulfilled for the 2025-2026 ASB Cabinet, they will be assuming the Historian’s responsibilities together. The role of ASB Historian has always been fulfilled by Desiree Soto (12) since her sophomore year. Her mastery and passion have pioneered the role of Historian.

“When I joined ASB, it was a creative aspect of what I [could] bring to the table. I have always loved my position and that is why I’ve always kept my position. [But] because I have held the position for so long, I regret not having someone under my wing,” Soto stated. “I’ve always been dedicated to the ASB Historian role; unfortunately, it is going to be dissolved. Hopefully, it reemerges even if it is in a different form because I think it is a valuable role to ASB.”

Overall, all of the applicants put their all into their campaigns and their hard work was demonstrated all across campus. The ASB election has gathered a strong Cabinet and great Class Officers. The new Cabinet underwent significant changes but they are well-prepared to represent the student body. They will assume their positions by the beginning of the 2025 school year with high optimism.

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